Sunday, March 22, 2009

You can do a lot with Wet & Wild make-up

TY's first grade class had clown day last Friday. The kids were allowed to dress up in mis-matched clothes, wear clown face make-up, and basically just look goofy. Ty LOVES days like that at school. He was very excited and I told him that I would make sure that I got him a good outfit. I looked through his clothes to see what I could any mom trying to not spend a ton of money would! (I could not find coupons for a clown costume :)!!) And after raiding his drawers and Daddy's closet we came up with a perfect outfit...or at least one that he loved. However...his little heart was set on having clown face paint. I googled images of clowns to try to find some ideas (I use google for everything!). I found some good ideas...but I was not sure where I could find a clown face paint kit. It was the first day of Spring and I was pretty sure that all of the Halloween face paint was no longer on the shelves. I went to a few stores and was not having a lot of luck. So finally I went to Target...Target would not let me down!! I figured that I would go and look in the cosmetics section. The first aisle I went down had a large Wet & Wild display...I did not even know that Target carried Wet & Wild...but I did know that they have low prices. I was determined to find something! I picked up a black eye liner, a white eyeliner, and a tube of very red lipstick. I looked at my little girl and said, "Here goes nothing!" I checked out and paid my $3.21 hoping that I could make it work. When Ty came home from school that night we laid out his clown clothes and I let him pick out the "clown face" that he wanted to have. I put the kids to bed a little early that night knowing that I was going to have to spend some extra time on Ty's face the next morning. When I woke up...Ty was already up and getting dressed in his clown gear (I told you...he gets very excited about fun days). We finished getting him and Madison ready, had breakfast and brushed teeth. Then I went to town with my black and white eyeliners. This is the finished product...

He absolutely loved it...and that was all that mattered to me!! I went in to his classroom with him that morning (to drop off the goldfish and marshmallows I signed up to bring). He was so proud of his costume and I was so thankful for Wet & Wild make-up!