Friday, February 25, 2011

New "glasses"

Little miss Maddie has wanted a pair of glasses for a while now (yes...they are fake...and bright purple...and she has been looking at them every time we go into the Icing store) Well today she had almost enough allowance money AND a cute little face to get the rest of what she needed from her sweet Daddy. She has worn them everywhere today...she couldn't be more happy! As soon as we got home she told me that we needed to take a picture together because, "Now everyone will think we look even MORE alike Momma!!" I am just glad she still thinks she wants to look like me!!
Don't you just want to squeeze her cute little face?!?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random thoughts of the day

- I used to think squirrels were cute...but when I was at a stop light this morning I saw one...and I realized that they are just overgrown mice with big tails...Yuck!
- Even though I just got my hair completely platinum blonde I am already thinking about adding in some black streaks...I have hair-changing issues
- I cannot wait for my Grammy date with this amazing lady. I am DVRing it for us to watch it later in the week. We kind of LOVE commentating on all of the fashion and musical acts. I think we might have issues as well :-)
- I know that I am a little bias...but I am pretty sure I have the best babes in the world...seriously! They have been amazing while Dustin has been gone and they are pretty much amazing all of the time. To say I am thankful for them would be a HUGE understatement!! I am so blessed
- I am on a new roasted marshmallow kick. I use my creme brulee torch and roast marshmallows for the babes...they love it...and I say that I do it for them...but I love it too
- Hot chocolate made with almond milk is my new favorite dessert.
- I love high heel REALLY love I have a problem. But I always buy them on REALLY good sales. I am actually working on a shoe wall in my bedroom. Why shouldn't they be displayed as art? Please don't judge me
- If money was no object...I would completely redecorate my entire house from IKEA. Furniture, lighting, decorations, accessories...I love them all.
- I am SO done with winter
- I think I have some of the most amazing friends in the world...I am blessed
- I would love to be a world traveler. The thought of just picking up and heading off on an exotic adventure just sounds like the best thing ever to me
- I LOVE to bake and I would love to have a bakery/coffee shop someday
- I talk to my mom almost every morning...either on my way to work or after I drop off the babes at school. I love that
- Sometimes I secretly wish I was a rockstar...but I am married to it is almost just as good...almost
- I went to high school and college with this amazing lady...although I am pretty sure we hardly ever talked. I found her blog a while ago and I think we would totally be friends if we lived closer. She is a great mom and I pretty much love her sassiness and views on life in general...isn't the blog world wonderful?!?
- I am so thankful for my job. I pretty much get to chose my hours and the people in my office are tons of fun!
- I only have two more nights until I get to hug my hottie-po-tottie husband. Can.Not.Wait
- I desperately want to go to Africa with Dustin soon...we are working on it
- I LOVE the show Criminal Minds but I cannot watch it by myself
- Reality TV sucks me in...all of it. I don't know why I find it so fascinating. That is probably another issue I have
- I think I may have a lot of issues
- I want to move south or west someday...I am even good with southwest
- I hope that my children will always be proud that I am their momma...and I hope we are always close. I pray for that every day.
- I think that throwing a good party is a lost art...I want to throw a fun party soon.
- I really want to go to Boston to see my sweet Kate