Friday, March 19, 2010

Car Ride Conversations (Part 2)

I am thinking that my "Car Ride Conversations" might have to become a weekly post. I love the car ride home from church Wednesday nights...Maddie normally falls asleep pretty quickly and my little man and I get a chance to talk about his life....with no interruptions...just me and him. I love it! This is how our conversation went this week...

Me - Hey Ty man...what's new in your life

Ty - Well...I still like video games

Me - Anything else?

Ty - School is good and everyone was nice to me today.

Me - Awesome bud. So...what do you want to do this weekend?

Ty - Maybe we should go to Bailey's house

* Bailey is the girl that Ty says he is going to marry. She is the daughter of Dustin's bass player. Dustin and I love Danny and Becky (her parents) and my kiddos love Bailey and Brookelynn (yes..they are twins...and are some of the cutest/sweetest girls you will ever meet)*

Me - Why do you wan to go there?

Ty - has been a little while since we have been over there and I miss her

Me - Are you still going to marry her...when you are 35?

Ty - (laughing) You are silly mommy...and yes...I am still going to marry her

Me - Are you sure?

Ty - Yup

Me - How do you know that?

Ty - Because she told me I was going to marry her

Me - (chuckling to myself) That is a good answer

Ty - Can we have a sleep over with them?

Me - Well are getting older...and you probably won't be having sleep overs with them

Ty - Can Maddie still sleep over at their house?

Me - Yeah...but that is because she is a girl

Ty - Well why can't I?

Me - Well buddy...boys and girls aren't really supposed to sleep over at each others houses when they get older

Ty - Why?

Me - Well...Sometimes they can get into trouble...and it is just better to not do that.

Ty - O...I get it (and he seemed like he was deep in thought)

Me - What do you get (I am now a little concerned that he might be understanding what I am actually saying...and I really don't want my little man to know some of these things yet...)

Ty - They can get into big TROUBLE

Me - (hoping that we are not even closely thinking about the same thing) Yeah buddy...what type of trouble are you talking about? (Now I am starting to get a little nervous)

Ty - They can start to hang out...and get a little hyper...then...(his eyes are getting very wide at this point like he has something HUGE to say)

Me - Yeah buddy....

Ty - They can break a lamp...because they are not paying attention and they are hyper because they are playing super heroes.

Me - That is EXACTLY it.

Ty - And I don't want to break any of Miss Becky's lamps because that would make her sad...and I don't want to make Bailey's mom sad.

Me - That is a good point bud...we can definitely go and hang out with them...just no sleep overs

Ty - Sounds good to me...can we stay late?

Me - Sure bud...I think we can do that.

O how I love my little man!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Those silly boys

This is the conversation that Maddie and I had this morning as I was doing her hair.

Maddie - Boys are kind of silly

Me - (chuckling to myself) What do you mean babe?

Maddie - Ty and his friends talk funny and they always talk about star wars...and they tell jokes that they think are funny...but they're really not.

Me - Well sweetie...they are just boys

Maddie - But I am not like that

Me - Well that is why girls and boys are different

Maddie - You mean girls aren't weird like boys?

Me - Yeah...kind of (still chuckling to myself) Girls just sometimes like different things.

Maddie - Yeah...I like princesses and I like to talk normal...and I like to tell jokes that are actually funny.

Me - Yeah babe...I know. I guess that is why boys and girls need each other

*Maddie now has a look on her face like she has just figured out the answer to the world's hardest questions*

Maddie - I get it now Momma!! That is why we have to marry them. They would be just silly boys without us...but when we decide to marry them...we help them be better!

Me - (trying to contain my laughter...and trying to think of a politically correct response) Well boys grow up...they usually grow out of some of their silliness. And if you find the right boy...he can help you be better too!

Maddie - (looking at me with the cutest little grin) Is that one of those things that mommy's have to say?

Me - Lets just talk about marrying boys when you get older...A LOT older

Maddie - Sounds good to me...they are too silly now anyways

Friday, March 5, 2010

SO...I have been a TERRIBLE blogger these last 2 weeks!! Work has been a little crazy and I think life in general has been non-stop. SO here is a little re-cap of what we have been up to and I promise I will get back on the blogging bandwagon soon (that bandwagon includes posting pics)
- Ty lost ANOTHER tooth...and he pulled it out himself (Oh Happy Day for his momma!!)
- Maddie and I have been feeling a little yucky...but we had a great sick day at home together this week (super cute pics will be posted from that day)
- Maddie is all better...I still feel a little yucky (but this is my first time even getting sick this I am VERY thankful for that!!)
- Ty and I had a date night last Tuesday. We went to McDonalds and thrift was wonderful!!
- Dustin wrote a new song last week and he had a great night of recording some of his newer songs...I LOVE them!!
- I just adore my church family. They are amazing and I can't even imagine my life without them.
- I started a new work out at my gym...I kind of want to die...but the pain means it is working. (or at least that is what I keep telling myself)
- I might be a soccer mom soon...we are trying to find a place to get both of the kiddos into. If anyone knows of a good local group...please let me know.
- I love Trader Joes (I didn't figure that out this week...but I was reminded of it)
- I had a date day with Dustin was wonderful!!
- Hopefully tonight will be a family movie night...full of cuddling on the couch...eating yummy food...and doing a whole-lot-of-nothing!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!