Friday, March 19, 2010

Car Ride Conversations (Part 2)

I am thinking that my "Car Ride Conversations" might have to become a weekly post. I love the car ride home from church Wednesday nights...Maddie normally falls asleep pretty quickly and my little man and I get a chance to talk about his life....with no interruptions...just me and him. I love it! This is how our conversation went this week...

Me - Hey Ty man...what's new in your life

Ty - Well...I still like video games

Me - Anything else?

Ty - School is good and everyone was nice to me today.

Me - Awesome bud. So...what do you want to do this weekend?

Ty - Maybe we should go to Bailey's house

* Bailey is the girl that Ty says he is going to marry. She is the daughter of Dustin's bass player. Dustin and I love Danny and Becky (her parents) and my kiddos love Bailey and Brookelynn (yes..they are twins...and are some of the cutest/sweetest girls you will ever meet)*

Me - Why do you wan to go there?

Ty - has been a little while since we have been over there and I miss her

Me - Are you still going to marry her...when you are 35?

Ty - (laughing) You are silly mommy...and yes...I am still going to marry her

Me - Are you sure?

Ty - Yup

Me - How do you know that?

Ty - Because she told me I was going to marry her

Me - (chuckling to myself) That is a good answer

Ty - Can we have a sleep over with them?

Me - Well are getting older...and you probably won't be having sleep overs with them

Ty - Can Maddie still sleep over at their house?

Me - Yeah...but that is because she is a girl

Ty - Well why can't I?

Me - Well buddy...boys and girls aren't really supposed to sleep over at each others houses when they get older

Ty - Why?

Me - Well...Sometimes they can get into trouble...and it is just better to not do that.

Ty - O...I get it (and he seemed like he was deep in thought)

Me - What do you get (I am now a little concerned that he might be understanding what I am actually saying...and I really don't want my little man to know some of these things yet...)

Ty - They can get into big TROUBLE

Me - (hoping that we are not even closely thinking about the same thing) Yeah buddy...what type of trouble are you talking about? (Now I am starting to get a little nervous)

Ty - They can start to hang out...and get a little hyper...then...(his eyes are getting very wide at this point like he has something HUGE to say)

Me - Yeah buddy....

Ty - They can break a lamp...because they are not paying attention and they are hyper because they are playing super heroes.

Me - That is EXACTLY it.

Ty - And I don't want to break any of Miss Becky's lamps because that would make her sad...and I don't want to make Bailey's mom sad.

Me - That is a good point bud...we can definitely go and hang out with them...just no sleep overs

Ty - Sounds good to me...can we stay late?

Me - Sure bud...I think we can do that.

O how I love my little man!!


  1. Yes... Let's keep him from "Breaking Lamps" for a long, long time...

  2. I couldn't agree with you more!! And you literally made me laugh out loud!! :)

  3. HA HA HA! Wait until he reads this when he is like 35 ( which on another note do you realize that when you are 35 he'll be 12ish!:) he's gonna be like well MOM, you got married when you were.................:) ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

  4. oh my word too funny! I have to meet this little man... he and my son (bradley) would get into some hilarious conversations together :)

  5. I just read that you think you live near us... You should get my number from Laura sometime so we can get our kids together :)