Friday, March 5, 2010

SO...I have been a TERRIBLE blogger these last 2 weeks!! Work has been a little crazy and I think life in general has been non-stop. SO here is a little re-cap of what we have been up to and I promise I will get back on the blogging bandwagon soon (that bandwagon includes posting pics)
- Ty lost ANOTHER tooth...and he pulled it out himself (Oh Happy Day for his momma!!)
- Maddie and I have been feeling a little yucky...but we had a great sick day at home together this week (super cute pics will be posted from that day)
- Maddie is all better...I still feel a little yucky (but this is my first time even getting sick this I am VERY thankful for that!!)
- Ty and I had a date night last Tuesday. We went to McDonalds and thrift was wonderful!!
- Dustin wrote a new song last week and he had a great night of recording some of his newer songs...I LOVE them!!
- I just adore my church family. They are amazing and I can't even imagine my life without them.
- I started a new work out at my gym...I kind of want to die...but the pain means it is working. (or at least that is what I keep telling myself)
- I might be a soccer mom soon...we are trying to find a place to get both of the kiddos into. If anyone knows of a good local group...please let me know.
- I love Trader Joes (I didn't figure that out this week...but I was reminded of it)
- I had a date day with Dustin was wonderful!!
- Hopefully tonight will be a family movie night...full of cuddling on the couch...eating yummy food...and doing a whole-lot-of-nothing!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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