Monday, October 25, 2010

lunch date

Yesterday, Maddie had ANOTHER birthday party to go to (she is quite the popular little lady), so I decided to take My little Ty man out for lunch. While we were out I thought it would be fun to ask him a few questions (almost "Survey style") to see what some of his favorite things are...and maybe to even ask him the same questions a year from now and see what changes. was our conversation...
Me - Hey buddy...what is your favorite color?
Ty - Blue...definitely blue
Me - What is your favorite food?
Ty - rice
Me - Really? Rice?
Ty - yeah...I like rice...a lot. I really like it when you make it with chicken. Oh...and baked potato's
Me - Alright babe...I will make it more now that I know it is your favorite. What is your favorite car?
Ty - I want a BMW
Me - Wow...good taste bud!
Ty - yeah and I also want a slug bug...but I want to paint it white so it looks like Herbie.
Me - Awesome...When do you think you will get married?
Ty - When I am 20
Me - What?!?! You wont even be done with college then...
Ty - When did you and daddy get married?
Me - That is not really important...lets just plan on finishing college before you get married
Ty - Alright...I can do that. I think Bailey has to finish college too
Me - Are you still planning on marrying Bailey?
Ty - Yup...she told me she was going to marry me when we were like 3 yrs old.
Me - long as you don't get married for a LONG time
Ty - MOM!!! (with an "o my goodness" face)
Me - So...who are your friends in your class?
Ty - Pretty much everyone. I like to play with Michael and Caleb a lot.
Me - Do you ever play with the girls?
Ty - Not usually...just because they play silly things
Me - What is the best part about school?
Ty - (quickly responded) RECESS
Me - Well...what subject do you like?
Ty - I think I like reading...and History
Me - What is your favorite thing about me?
Ty - You cook really well...and you are more fun now
Me - I wasn't fun before?
Ty - were are just better at it now
Me - Awesome...I will make sure to keep working at that...What are you saving your money for?
Ty - for a DSI...but the first $20 I get is going to Africa
Me - For what?
Ty - At church my teacher said that only $20 sends a kid my age to school for a whole my first $20 is going there. Can you believe that it only costs $20? Maybe my first 2 $20 will go to Africa
Me - That is awesome that why you wanted to start getting an allowance?
Ty - Yup...
Me - Well...that makes me proud buddy. You are a good you know that?
Ty - I try to be
Me - have you ever kissed a girl?
Ty - NO!!! (paused for a second with a smirk on his face) but Bailey kissed me...on the cheek
Me - Lets make sure that kissing is only on the cheek...ok?
Ty - I know
Me - What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ty - A rocket scientist...and maybe a worship leader on the weekends
Me - Awesome...I love both of those. What is your favorite thing to do?
Ty - Playing outside with Maddie and our friends. Can we play outside when we get home?
Me - I'm sure you can...Do you know how much I love you?
Ty - Lots...even more that I could ever tell me that a lot
Me - And I always will!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maddie's Tea Party Birthday (Part 1)

So...Maddie wanted a tea party themed birthday party this year. She was very excited because this was her first "big girl party". I had a few ideas and a few supplies...but I felt like I needed some help to make the party amazing. I called two of my friends (who are pretty much the most artistic, talented, nice, and creative ladies ever!!) and asked them if they could help. Well...they not only helped...they came and decorated, brought TONS of stuff, and even took pictures of the house after they had finished. So I figured before I showed pics of the cutest little girls at the tea party...I would show you some pics of the set-up. (all of the shots are by the amazingly talented Emily Ogden)
This was the party favor table...complete with pink candy, pink marshmallows, pink nail polishes, pink pencils, pink bags...there was kind of a pink theme :-)

The place cards were pieces of stock paper cut into hearts...then placed into a cut pink marshmallow.

Hannah and Emily (the two amazing ladies) brought so many wonderful things for the girls to use. Hannah had a complete set of china and sterling silver for tea and one for pink lemonade.

This was the "dress up" area complete with sparkly jewelry and hats. The bench was used for the girls to get their pictures taken.

The room looked amazing!! Thank you SO much Hannah and Emily!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dolphins, new seasons, and tears

My baby girl just had her 6th Birthday!! It was wonderful and full of girly tea parties, big hats, fake sparkly jewelry, fun presents, and princess cupcakes. Nana Carol (my mom) lives in NY and could not be here for her Birthday...but she wanted to make sure to do something special for sweet Maddie. So...after a lot of phone conversations...Maddie told Nana Carol that she knew what she wanted for her present. Maddie wanted a "room makeover". Well Nana Carol just HAD to get that for her so she sent a very wonderful credit card/gift card and told her sweet Maddie that she could get whatever she wanted. So, off to the stores we went. After a long day of shopping Maddie decided on a polka dot bedspread for her "theme". The bedspread is white with bright colorful polka dots. There is pink, plum purple, Tiffany blue, lime green, orange, and teal blue. She also got sheets and a bed skirt to match along with a HUGE purple pillow that she is in love with. She then decided that she wanted her walls two different colors. 2 walls plum purple and 2 walls Tiffany blue. to the store I went...with her pillowcase stuffed in my purse. I went to the paint counter and they matched 2 different gallons to the colors on her pillowcase. I was so excited! I got home and instantly started to move her furniture and lay down old sheets so that I could begin to paint. My ipod was plugged in...the tunes were ready...the paint was opened and poured into the tray...and my roller was in my hand. Then...IT happened. I saw these
Now these dolphins may not seem like a big deal to you...but they flooded me with 8 years of memories. You see...I painted them when I was pregnant with Ty. His nursery was "under the sea" themed. I remembered painting the walls...and having aqua blue paint on my belly because it was sticking so far out. I remembered looking at his empty crib with the newly bought ocean waves bumpers tied on to the sides. I remembered painting dolphins and sea turtles on his wall. I remembered bringing him home for the first time and showing his his room. I remembered rocking him in the blue glider that used to sit in the corner. I remembered his chubby little face peeking out over the crib every time I would get him after he woke up from his nap. I remembered his first night in his "big boy bed" because the crib needed to be ready for his baby sister. I remembered rearranging his room so that two sweet babes could share it soon. I remembered bringing home Maddie from the hospital. Ty brought her his dolphin stuffed animal so she could have it in her crib with her. I remembered tucking them both in at night in their room. I remembered both of them jumping up and down in her crib and squealing with laughter as Dustin and I smiled from ear to ear as we watched them. I remembered making the basement into our bedroom so that they could each have their own rooms. I remembered Ty "moving out"into our old bedroom and Maddie staying in "the nursery". I remembered her Dora "big girl bed" and matching Dora kitchen and table set. I remembered getting rid of her Dora things and bringing in a new twin-sized bed. I remembered all of the memories in that room...all of the "firsts"...all of the night time stories and prayers...all of the "I love you's"...all of the games we had played on that very floor that I was now sitting on...and I cried.
In that moment my babes grew up in my mind. Now...they have been "growing up" for years...but somehow...right then...they really grew up. My sweet baby no longer wanted her dolphins on the wall. She was ready for brightly colored polka dots. I sat there almost unable bring myself to paint over those silly dolphins. They had been with me for so long. They had been there for the middle-of-the-night feedings and dress up times. They were there while we made crafts and tents to sleep under. They were there from the very beginning of my sweet babes. So...I sat there...roller in hand...and I just stared at those dolphins. And the longer I stared...the harder I cried.
After little while I began to think about how every new "season" in my sweet babes life has always been a little bittersweet. I hate saying goodbye to what we had...only to realize that I love what we are going to begin. I can honestly say that I have loved every new "season" with my babes more than the one before it...even though I think it is impossible to do so.
As I sat there...with a tear-stained face...I looked up at those dolphins and realized that the best is still to come. I love the memories that I have...and I cherish them. But I also know that many more memories need to be made...and I cannot wait to make them. So...I stood up...and started to paint. As I painted over those dolphins I realized that they would still be there...they would just be under a new layer of pretty purple paint. They won't ever be forgotten...much like my memories. And at least this time...I didn't get any purple paint on my belly from it sticking out too far.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In every season has been a little bit of a rough season of life the past few weeks (hence...the lack of posts) Nothing is seriously wrong...I have just had a lot on my plate and a lot of difficult situations to deal with (Dustin, the kids, and I are just fine...I don't want to worry anyone) But I cannot wait to posts pics from Maddie's sweet little tea party birthday...our AMAZING vacation...Fall fun times...and a few new recipes that I am loving right now. Until then I wanted to show this video. This song has been such an encouragement to me and I hope it is to you too!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of school

So...the babes started school today. It is such a bitter-sweet day for me. They LOVE their school and all of their I am happy for them. However...I miss them TONS during the I am a little sad too. Thankfully I am getting better at dropping them off each year...I was able to hold off on crying until I got into my car :)! And since I don't want to start crying now...I am just going to post some pics of their cuteness!!

And now I only have 30 more minutes until I leave to pick them up!!

Maddie vs The Sidewalk

Sidewalk - 1
Maddie - 0

My poor sweet babe hit the sidewalk...hard. She was running in her pretty "no running" shoes and she tripped. The first thing that hit the ground was her sweet little face. She was crying as I scooped her up in my arms and she told me that she knew she was not supposed to be running in those shoes...but the next-door-neighbor's kitten got out and she was trying to catch it for them (can she be any sweeter?!?!) She then asked me if I could fix her face. I held her close and told her that she would be fine and I would definitely fix her sweet little face. As yucky as it looks...her face healed in less than a week. After she was all cleaned up I held her and told her that I was SO thankful that God was watching over her because it could have been tons worse! She said that she was thankful too...because she didn't want to know what tons worse would have felt like.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Summer Days

My babes and I love to go on nature hikes (or "adventures" as we like to call them), and our favorite place to go is The Narrows. There are quite a few hiking trails...a cute little river...and...well...lots of nature. We have found a spot that is a little off the trail and right by the water. The babes LOVE it! We skip towers of stone...find shells...and wade in the river. It is perfect.

One day in July we picked up their friends Brookelynn and Bailey (two of the cutest twins you will ever meet! Their dad was the bass player in Dustin's band and their mom is one of my dearest friends. The girls and my babes have been friends since I was pregnant with Maddie...and Bailey told Tyler when they were 3 years old...that they were going to get married...he agreed and it has stuck ever since :)!!). We decided to go to our favorite spot at The Narrows and ended up spending hours there! It was an amazing day and I took TONS of I obviously need to share some of them!!

Hiking back to find "our spot"

Ty and Bailey...too cute!Sweet Brookelynn

Lovely Bailey

Maddie and Brookelynn...SO sweet!

Ty and Bailey...cute cuties!

I just love this little face!!

They were building this...they carried SO many rocks that day!
My little man...hard at work

What mom wears these shoes on a hike?!? This mom does...yes...I know I have issues! In my defense...I though I had packed flip flops...but they are some seriously cute shoes!!

All of the sweet babes at the end of a fun afternoon...I just love them!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


While I was in NY I was able to have lunch with an old friend. I am pretty sure I have known Emily since Kindergarten or First grade (Wow...I really feel old now!!) She has always been one of the sweetest people...and her laugh is completely infectious!! It was so good to hear her sweet laugh again and get some pics of our babes together.

My baby feeding her baby

the face after the feeding...Maddie might need to work on her baby-feeding skills :)

Her girls are seriously just too cute for words!!!


So...I started making headbands. My first few were a little crazy...but I think I am getting the hang of it now. They all have at least one vintage button...some have feathers...some have flowers...and a few have some tiny sparkly things (yes...that is the technical term). My friend actually took some amazing pics of them...but they are not loading for me. I figured this pic was better than nothing. Hopefully I will be able to load some more pics of all of them soon. I have kind of been on a crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, and making kick lately. I am not really quite sure why...but I am definitely enjoying the creative outlet.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kind of excited 37 days...the fam and I will be going to...

Magic Kingdom in Disney World...
Then heading to a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas...

St. Thomas...

And St Martin. I cannot wait!!!

Super Heroes

Remember the days of imagination and make-believe? Sometimes in the business of life...I tend to forget those days. I am so thankful that I have my sweet babes to remind me that all you need to be a superhero is a towel and a trampoline.

I may or may not have joined in the superhero fun that day...thankfully there were no pictures of that!!
Here's to hoping that your day is filled with a little make-believe.

My lonely lounge chair

This is the chair (that I found at a garage sale for $2) I thought I would be laying out in on my days off with the babes. It may not look like much to you...but I like it. Well...I think I like it. You see...I have really not had too many opportunities to lay on my chair. Mainly because every time I go to sit down I hear one (or both) of my babes saying something like, "Momma...look at me!", or, "Momma...don't you want to keep playing with us?", or, "Momma...this is just no fun with out you!" So...normally my lounge chair is lonely while I am playing with my sweet babes or taking pictures of them. But when you get pics as sweet as these next lounge chair suddenly doesn't seem that important.

Maybe next year I will be able to lay in my lonely lounge chair...but I am guessing probably not. I would have it no other way!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My camera card is full...seriously

I am SO behind on blogging and uplaoding pics that it is not even funny!!! Here is what I hope to accomplish this week...
- Pics from Ty's Bday (it was June 15th...please don't judge me that it is already August)
- Pics from a nature walk with my kiddos and their sweet little friends
- Pics from our trip to Syracuse NY
- A post about the entire trip to NY
- Pics from my 30th Bday (I cannot believe I just turned 30)
- A post about the most wonderful day Birthday...where my husband had me on a scavenger hunt from 8:15 in the morning until 12:00 at night. (Yes...he is amazing!!)

I think I have a busy week of blogging and pic uplaoding ahead of me...lets hope I make it!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


She is precious. She loves flowers...and looking at birds in trees. She loves to pose for the camera...and she is growing up WAY too fast. Can someone please figure out how to keep her from growing up anymore?!?!?

Monday, June 28, 2010

So proud

*This event actually took place a few weeks ago...but it is such a cute story...that I had to make sure it was posted.*
Ty man has a "Field Day" at the end of each school year. It is a day full of fun and activities for the kids and it ends with a race. Depending on what grade you are run a 1/2 mile or full mile. Ty reminded me of the "BIG race" a few weeks before his field day. He asked me if he HAD to run it. I asked him why he wouldn't want to run and he explained to me that he knew that he was not a good runner...and that the other kids in his class were a lot faster than he was. He said that his gym teacher told the class that they didn't have to run it if they didn't want to. I thought a few seconds before I responded to him...knowing that his momma is also not a good runner...even though I am working on it. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted...but I would practice with him if he chose to run it. I also told him that sometimes just finishing a race is a great accomplishment...even if you don't win (which sounded like a great "mom" thing to say) He still wasn't I told him that we would just practice a few times and he could see what he wanted to do. So...we ran...a little here and there...every few days. When he came home from school a week later he let me know that he had signed up for the race. He was still nervous...but he wanted to try. I told him that was all he needed to do and that I was very proud of him. I also promised him that I would be there to watch him run and cheer him on...the only thing that I didn't realize was that because of a make-up day (due to too many snow days) Field Day was NOT going to be on Friday (my day off from work) It was going to be on Tuesday (my full day of work). Uh-oh!! I asked my boss if I could leave early and he said that I should be able to...we just had to get a few things done for a project I was working on. I called to check in at the school office a few times that day to see if the races were still on schedule...hoping that they might be a little behind...but they were right on time. I rushed through my work and left a little later that I had wanted to. I raced to the school...and quickly walked to the back field. I could see his class getting ready at the starting line. I started to run to get over to him so that I could let him know I was there. I am sure I was a sight to see as I was trying to a dress..while waving to him...and yelling his name. I was almost to him when the gym teacher blew the whistle and they were off. He hadn't seen me. I was determined to let him know that I was I kept running straight through the field...hoping to catch up with him after he rounded the corner and started to the back field. As I was running I saw that he was second to last in his group and he looked like he was fading fast...very early in the race. (Yes...I know that this all sounds like a dramatic scene from a movie...but I promise that it actually happened this way...I have witnesses who saw me running through the field to catch him...and one of the other moms actually ran out there with me) I made it to the other side just as he was approaching. I yelled out, "Hey Boo...I made it...I'm can do it...keep going!!" The look on his face was priceless. He had the biggest smile. As he passed me he said, "Don't worry mom...I got this." I saw him run down the hill picking up speed as he went. I watched him until he was out of sight...then I headed for the finish line. The first few kids came in and all the parents, teachers, and other students clapped. I waited. A few more kiddos came through...and I realized that my heart was beating fast...I was nervous wreck as I waited to see his little face come up the hill. I knew he was second to I wasn't expecting to see him quite yet. But...then I saw a his bright red shirt...and he wasn't second to last...he was in the first half of his class. I yelled, "Keep going can do it!" I was so thankful that I was wearing my big sunglasses at this point...because I totally teared up. (Yes...I am that mom who can cry so easily when it comes to my babes) He kept running up the hill and he crossed the finish line. I breathed a sigh of relief as I made my way to him and gave him the biggest hug. I told him that I was SO proud of him and I asked him how he had passed so many kids. He was a little out of breath (and I am sure he was exaggerating being out of breath just a little for affect :)!!) He said, "After I saw you and I knew you were here...I just kept telling myself...Don't this for mom...she will be so proud!" I started to tear up a little again as I picked him up and said, "I am proud. SO proud Boo...more proud than you could ever know. You did finished...and not only finished in the first half of your race!" I set him down and looked at his big blue eyes and his sweaty blond little man had done a great job and I was a proud momma.
I asked his teacher if I could sign him out early...she said that was fine (a lot of the other parents were grabbing their kiddos too) We walked hand-in-hand to the car and he told me all about passing some of the kids and jumping to touch the leaves on the tree he ran around...and I listened as though I hadn't just heard him tell me all about it only a few minutes ago. We got in the car and headed to McDonald's for a victory ice cream cone. As I looked in the rear-view mirror at him I realized that this would be the first of many accomplishments for my Ty man. I started thinking about all he was going to do in the years to come...but then I stopped myself. I wanted to remember this moment...with my 7 year old guy...licking an ice cream cone...a little dirty and sweaty from the days events...with his big blue eyes looking back at me in the mirror...and a big smile on his face. This moment was perfect.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation littlest babe graduated from Kindergarten. The whole ceremony was just precious and filled with songs...verses...solo "lines" and tons of cuteness! We had a lot of friends and family come and they all made Maddie feel so special. I cannot believe that she is going into 1st grade!! I feel the tears coming just thinking about instead of writing anymore...I will just post some pics of the night.
This is Maddie with her teacher, Mrs Patterson. We LOVE Mrs. Patterson!! She was also Tyler's Kindergarten teacher and she will always have a special place in our hearts. The other little girl is Ashley. She is one of Madison's best friends and we just love her!
This is "Granny" Glenna and "Grampy" Greg. They are the most amazing couple! Glenna works with Dustin at the church and they have just adopted our family...and we have adopted them!! Glenna has a little drawer in her office full of gifts for the kiddos and she always goes and visits them in class. My babes love getting hugs from them and seeing them so much during the week. Greg and Glenna are a true blessing to our family!!

I just love my babes!! Dustin was tickling Ty...but I think this was the only family picture we got :)

These 3 little girls are just precious! I love to watch them all play together. They are definitely cute cuties!!

I have a lot more pics to post...but for some reason...they are not loading. I will try to add them later. We were so thankful to have Mamaw and Pop (Dustin's Grandparents), Papaw and Nana (Dustin's parents), Heather, Ryan and Candice, Suzy, Kate, Chad and Shanta all there to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful night full of smiles, laughter and a few tears from this sentimental momma. They definitely grow up too fast!!