Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of school

So...the babes started school today. It is such a bitter-sweet day for me. They LOVE their school and all of their friends...so I am happy for them. However...I miss them TONS during the day...so I am a little sad too. Thankfully I am getting better at dropping them off each year...I was able to hold off on crying until I got into my car :)! And since I don't want to start crying now...I am just going to post some pics of their cuteness!!

And now I only have 30 more minutes until I leave to pick them up!!


  1. A sewing day would be oh so fun! We should try to make it happen. It's so much easier when you have someone else there to help you figure it out! :)

  2. So cute! I love the little uniforms.... so sweet