Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Summer Days

My babes and I love to go on nature hikes (or "adventures" as we like to call them), and our favorite place to go is The Narrows. There are quite a few hiking trails...a cute little river...and...well...lots of nature. We have found a spot that is a little off the trail and right by the water. The babes LOVE it! We skip towers of stone...find shells...and wade in the river. It is perfect.

One day in July we picked up their friends Brookelynn and Bailey (two of the cutest twins you will ever meet! Their dad was the bass player in Dustin's band and their mom is one of my dearest friends. The girls and my babes have been friends since I was pregnant with Maddie...and Bailey told Tyler when they were 3 years old...that they were going to get married...he agreed and it has stuck ever since :)!!). We decided to go to our favorite spot at The Narrows and ended up spending hours there! It was an amazing day and I took TONS of I obviously need to share some of them!!

Hiking back to find "our spot"

Ty and Bailey...too cute!Sweet Brookelynn

Lovely Bailey

Maddie and Brookelynn...SO sweet!

Ty and Bailey...cute cuties!

I just love this little face!!

They were building this...they carried SO many rocks that day!
My little man...hard at work

What mom wears these shoes on a hike?!? This mom does...yes...I know I have issues! In my defense...I though I had packed flip flops...but they are some seriously cute shoes!!

All of the sweet babes at the end of a fun afternoon...I just love them!!


  1. I don't think I could even make it 5 feet in those shoes! haha!

    Very cute pictures- where is this place? In Dayton?

  2. ok first of all you need to take me to this place! i've been wanting to take the kids to some sort of creek and just haven't done it. we must go! second of all, i love you and your shoes :)

  3. seriously Jessica- you could have killed yourself in those shoes!:)

  4. first of all...holding hands? uh-dorable. oh em goodness. secondly, the shoes? you kill me. love it.

  5. cute pics! I love that you wore heels... that's one fun mama :)