Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My lonely lounge chair

This is the chair (that I found at a garage sale for $2) I thought I would be laying out in on my days off with the babes. It may not look like much to you...but I like it. Well...I think I like it. You see...I have really not had too many opportunities to lay on my chair. Mainly because every time I go to sit down I hear one (or both) of my babes saying something like, "Momma...look at me!", or, "Momma...don't you want to keep playing with us?", or, "Momma...this is just no fun with out you!" So...normally my lounge chair is lonely while I am playing with my sweet babes or taking pictures of them. But when you get pics as sweet as these next few...my lounge chair suddenly doesn't seem that important.

Maybe next year I will be able to lay in my lonely lounge chair...but I am guessing probably not. I would have it no other way!!

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