Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation littlest babe graduated from Kindergarten. The whole ceremony was just precious and filled with songs...verses...solo "lines" and tons of cuteness! We had a lot of friends and family come and they all made Maddie feel so special. I cannot believe that she is going into 1st grade!! I feel the tears coming just thinking about instead of writing anymore...I will just post some pics of the night.
This is Maddie with her teacher, Mrs Patterson. We LOVE Mrs. Patterson!! She was also Tyler's Kindergarten teacher and she will always have a special place in our hearts. The other little girl is Ashley. She is one of Madison's best friends and we just love her!
This is "Granny" Glenna and "Grampy" Greg. They are the most amazing couple! Glenna works with Dustin at the church and they have just adopted our family...and we have adopted them!! Glenna has a little drawer in her office full of gifts for the kiddos and she always goes and visits them in class. My babes love getting hugs from them and seeing them so much during the week. Greg and Glenna are a true blessing to our family!!

I just love my babes!! Dustin was tickling Ty...but I think this was the only family picture we got :)

These 3 little girls are just precious! I love to watch them all play together. They are definitely cute cuties!!

I have a lot more pics to post...but for some reason...they are not loading. I will try to add them later. We were so thankful to have Mamaw and Pop (Dustin's Grandparents), Papaw and Nana (Dustin's parents), Heather, Ryan and Candice, Suzy, Kate, Chad and Shanta all there to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful night full of smiles, laughter and a few tears from this sentimental momma. They definitely grow up too fast!!

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  1. She is adorable! Jessica, you have a truly beautiful family :)