Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the swing of things

So...I am hoping to be a better blogger this summer! These last few weeks/months have been SO I figured that I would just write a little list of some of the things we have been no particular order
- Ty and I had a wonderful date night...we ate out at a Chinese restaurant, went shopping (per his request :)!!), and had Rita's. It was amazing!! I will try to post pics soon...but I am not promising anything.
- I found a new family dentist...that I love (which is saying A LOT for me because dentists are definitely not my favorite) and everyone has one new filling
- Maddie graduated from Kindergarten (I have tons of pics and will post those soon) It was wonderful and sad all at once. I cannot believe she will be a first grader next school year!!
- Ty ran in his "marathon" at school. It is a wonderful story and I will definitely blog about it soon
- Dustin went to Charlotte to visit my brother and get some more work done. They had a wonderful time and I am SO thankful that the two of them are close!!
- One of my most amazing friends Kate...moved back to Boston :(. I definitely hated saying goodbye to her...but I am really happy for her to be back with her sweet family! And I can't wait to visit her!
- I started weight watchers...and my mom did we get to do it together even though we are many miles apart. I love that!!
- Dustin and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary (May 26) I cannot believe how much I love him...and I cannot believe that it has already been 9 years!! He is amazing!!
- The kiddos are finally done with school...I LOVE being a "summer" mom!!
- We have had tons of rides...walks...trips to the park...and pool time with our family and friends
- I am sure there is more...but I totally need to get back to work.

I promise to update soon with some pics...maybe even on my lunch break :)