Monday, April 26, 2010

Maddie/Mommy date

So...last Thursday Dustin took Ty to the Dayton Dragons baseball game for a little father/son fun time. Maddie and I decided that we needed to have a mommy/daughter date night. I told her we could do whatever she wanted...and after thinking for a little while...she decided that she wanted to go and get her nails and toenails painted, "like a big girl"!! we went to the nail salon.

She sat very still and enjoyed every minute of it. She was super excited when the lady asked her if she wanted sparkles on top of her pink nail polish!!

She even got sparkles on her toes!! (Sorry for the fuzzy pics...I took them with my ancient cell phone!)

Once her nails were dry we were off to dinner. Subway was her choice (well...actually McDonald's was her first choice...but I easily talked her out of that because the Subway kids meal came in a pink "purse") We ate inside Subway and talked about school...her friends...her favorite colors...her favorite headbands...and SO much more!! After dinner I told her for dessert she could have Ritas Italian ice or Starbucks. Without hesitation she said, "definitely Starbucks". So off to Starbucks we went. Maddie actually loves the flavor of coffee...even if it doesn't have a lot of sugar and cream in it. My dear friend Kate was working that night (which made Maddie even more excited because she LOVES Kate!!) and she made Maddie's "special" coffee. (Kate made it up for is an iced DECAF latte with 2 shots of caramel and 1 shot of vanilla. Then it is topped off with whipped is super yummy!!)

She likes to eat all of the whipped cream first (a girl after my own heart!!)

She finished every last drop. Then we headed home to pack for our fun-filled weekend (we were able to tag along with Dustin to a Jr High retreat that he was leading worship at. They put us in a wonderful log cabin and we had a weekend full of nature hikes...laughing...arts and crafts...and fun. I will post about that soon!!) After we packed we went out to the front porch swing for some cuddle time before she went to bed. She brought out her blanket and she sat on my lap as we talked about the fun "girls only" night we had. After a few minutes...her eyes were getting sleepy and I just held the silence. It was a perfect end to a perfect night.


  1. I love mommy/daughter dates, especially at the nail salon. And ours ALWAYS include Starbucks. Some call it an addiction. I'm not sure I'm willing to admit to that.

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  3. i love that she's a starbucks girl!!!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwww! I just read Em's blog though:) You don't want to jump on the baby wagon and get another little girl?? HUH? he he...I love the reality in your comment cuddle them and then go home and sleep! though

    Fun date night!