Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maddie's Tea Party Birthday (Part 1)

So...Maddie wanted a tea party themed birthday party this year. She was very excited because this was her first "big girl party". I had a few ideas and a few supplies...but I felt like I needed some help to make the party amazing. I called two of my friends (who are pretty much the most artistic, talented, nice, and creative ladies ever!!) and asked them if they could help. Well...they not only helped...they came and decorated, brought TONS of stuff, and even took pictures of the house after they had finished. So I figured before I showed pics of the cutest little girls at the tea party...I would show you some pics of the set-up. (all of the shots are by the amazingly talented Emily Ogden)
This was the party favor table...complete with pink candy, pink marshmallows, pink nail polishes, pink pencils, pink bags...there was kind of a pink theme :-)

The place cards were pieces of stock paper cut into hearts...then placed into a cut pink marshmallow.

Hannah and Emily (the two amazing ladies) brought so many wonderful things for the girls to use. Hannah had a complete set of china and sterling silver pitchers...one for tea and one for pink lemonade.

This was the "dress up" area complete with sparkly jewelry and hats. The bench was used for the girls to get their pictures taken.

The room looked amazing!! Thank you SO much Hannah and Emily!!!

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