Monday, October 25, 2010

lunch date

Yesterday, Maddie had ANOTHER birthday party to go to (she is quite the popular little lady), so I decided to take My little Ty man out for lunch. While we were out I thought it would be fun to ask him a few questions (almost "Survey style") to see what some of his favorite things are...and maybe to even ask him the same questions a year from now and see what changes. was our conversation...
Me - Hey buddy...what is your favorite color?
Ty - Blue...definitely blue
Me - What is your favorite food?
Ty - rice
Me - Really? Rice?
Ty - yeah...I like rice...a lot. I really like it when you make it with chicken. Oh...and baked potato's
Me - Alright babe...I will make it more now that I know it is your favorite. What is your favorite car?
Ty - I want a BMW
Me - Wow...good taste bud!
Ty - yeah and I also want a slug bug...but I want to paint it white so it looks like Herbie.
Me - Awesome...When do you think you will get married?
Ty - When I am 20
Me - What?!?! You wont even be done with college then...
Ty - When did you and daddy get married?
Me - That is not really important...lets just plan on finishing college before you get married
Ty - Alright...I can do that. I think Bailey has to finish college too
Me - Are you still planning on marrying Bailey?
Ty - Yup...she told me she was going to marry me when we were like 3 yrs old.
Me - long as you don't get married for a LONG time
Ty - MOM!!! (with an "o my goodness" face)
Me - So...who are your friends in your class?
Ty - Pretty much everyone. I like to play with Michael and Caleb a lot.
Me - Do you ever play with the girls?
Ty - Not usually...just because they play silly things
Me - What is the best part about school?
Ty - (quickly responded) RECESS
Me - Well...what subject do you like?
Ty - I think I like reading...and History
Me - What is your favorite thing about me?
Ty - You cook really well...and you are more fun now
Me - I wasn't fun before?
Ty - were are just better at it now
Me - Awesome...I will make sure to keep working at that...What are you saving your money for?
Ty - for a DSI...but the first $20 I get is going to Africa
Me - For what?
Ty - At church my teacher said that only $20 sends a kid my age to school for a whole my first $20 is going there. Can you believe that it only costs $20? Maybe my first 2 $20 will go to Africa
Me - That is awesome that why you wanted to start getting an allowance?
Ty - Yup...
Me - Well...that makes me proud buddy. You are a good you know that?
Ty - I try to be
Me - have you ever kissed a girl?
Ty - NO!!! (paused for a second with a smirk on his face) but Bailey kissed me...on the cheek
Me - Lets make sure that kissing is only on the cheek...ok?
Ty - I know
Me - What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ty - A rocket scientist...and maybe a worship leader on the weekends
Me - Awesome...I love both of those. What is your favorite thing to do?
Ty - Playing outside with Maddie and our friends. Can we play outside when we get home?
Me - I'm sure you can...Do you know how much I love you?
Ty - Lots...even more that I could ever tell me that a lot
Me - And I always will!!

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