Monday, February 22, 2010

Tooth Fairy

(This picture has nothing to do with this is actually an old photograph. But I just love it...and this post is about I used it.)
I have learned that there are many positions a momma fills during her day. I have been a nurse for boo-boos...a teacher for homework...a baker for little sweet tooth's...a cuddler for teary eye babes...a chauffeur (just a side note..I totally had to look up the spelling on that one) to school and other various activities...and so much more. Yesterday...I was able to to fill another that I love and hate...the Tooth Fairy.

Here is a re-cap of how the day went...

Ty - (after I picked him up from his class at church) tooth is really loose!!

Me - Awesome buddy! (not thinking too much about it because he had never said that it was loose before)

Ty - Maybe we can get it out before Daddy gets home today so I can show him

Me - Well would have to be really loose to get it out his afternoon (then I kept talking to people as I was walking out of church and to the car)

Ty - (in the back seat of the car with Maddie) Maddie!!! My tooth is really you want to see it?

Maddie - (After looking at his tooth) Wow...that is does it wiggle like that?

Ty - I is weird huh?

Me - (thinking to myself) must really be loose...I hope Dustin gets home before Ty wants it out.

*After we get home...have lunch...and are now sitting on the couch together*

Ty - Mommy...I taste blood...and my tooth is bent forward...can you try to get it out?

Me - Sure buddy...go get me a paper towel. (now that is what I said...but what I was thinking was...Crap! I have to try to take his tooth out...and it totally makes me feel a little queezy when I have to try to pull it out of his mouth. had to do it once can do it now) (Yet another side note...does anyone else ever give themselves mental pep talks? Because I totally do)

Ty - Here is the paper towel (he then lays his head on my lap and opens wide)

Me - (taking a deep breath) Alright buddy. Mommy is going to try to wiggle it a little. (I then wiggle it for a little while...a little more blood comes out...and he says that it hurts a little) Alright little man...stay really still...(I think to myself...please come out with one tug...I am not sure how much longer I can feel it wiggling in my fingers...ewww...gross)

Ty - Mommy why are you making a weird face?

Me - No reason buddy...let me see if I can get this...(one big tug...) I got it buddy!! Go to the sink...I will get you some salt water to rinse with. (we both run into the kitchen to take care of the new hole in his mouth)

Ty - (After rinsing...he looks up at me with very serious face and says...) You did good mom...I think you should win an award for the best tooth puller!

Me - Well thanks buddy (as I think to myself...this is the only 5th tooth he has lost...we still have a lot to go)

Ty - Can I have my tooth?

Me - What buddy

Ty - (looking at me like I am totally not thinking straight) MOM...I need it for the tooth fairy!!

Me - O...of course!

*We bring it upstairs and put it under his pillow*

Ty - Is the tooth Fairy real?

Me - Why do you ask?

Ty - Because a kid in my class said that she woke up in the middle of the night one time and she saw her mom putting money under her pillow

Me - Wow...that is crazy!

Ty - she real?

*At this point Maddie walks in and she has obviously heard some of our conversation*

Maddie - I bet the tooth fairy is beautiful...just like Tinkerbell

Ty - Well she real?

Me - Well Ty you always get money under your pillow after you loose a tooth?

Ty - Yeah...but do you put it there?

Me - Do you really think I wait until the middle of the night and come into your room and put money under your pillow (Yes...I am totally trying to get out of this conversation without lying to him)

Maddie - Yeah Ty...

Ty - Well maybe I will just stay awake tonight and act like I am asleep so I can see who puts money under my pillow (he says with the cutest little grin...the kind of grin that lets me know that he is pretty sure that the tooth fairy is his momma)

Me - Alright buddy...we'll see if you can stay up that late (knowing that he will never stay up and also knowing that he is just trying to get me to admit to him that I am the tooth fairy)

Me - Well...who wants a popsicle?

Ty and Maddie - ME!!!

*I head downstairs and I can hear the babes talking in Ty's room)

Maddie - Don't touch your have to leave it for the tooth fairy!!

Ty - I'm just looking at it...I will leave it under my pillow

Maddie - Are you really going to stay up to see the tooth fairy? If you see her can you tell her that I think she is beautiful and I love her?

Ty - Maddie...I might not see her tonight...but I know she is beautiful...and I am pretty sure she already knows that you love her
I love that little boy...he just melts my heart!!


  1. this is THE sweetest tooth-pulling story I've ever read! Your little man sounds so cute and sweet, I love the part where he said that you should get an award.