Friday, March 12, 2010

Those silly boys

This is the conversation that Maddie and I had this morning as I was doing her hair.

Maddie - Boys are kind of silly

Me - (chuckling to myself) What do you mean babe?

Maddie - Ty and his friends talk funny and they always talk about star wars...and they tell jokes that they think are funny...but they're really not.

Me - Well sweetie...they are just boys

Maddie - But I am not like that

Me - Well that is why girls and boys are different

Maddie - You mean girls aren't weird like boys?

Me - Yeah...kind of (still chuckling to myself) Girls just sometimes like different things.

Maddie - Yeah...I like princesses and I like to talk normal...and I like to tell jokes that are actually funny.

Me - Yeah babe...I know. I guess that is why boys and girls need each other

*Maddie now has a look on her face like she has just figured out the answer to the world's hardest questions*

Maddie - I get it now Momma!! That is why we have to marry them. They would be just silly boys without us...but when we decide to marry them...we help them be better!

Me - (trying to contain my laughter...and trying to think of a politically correct response) Well boys grow up...they usually grow out of some of their silliness. And if you find the right boy...he can help you be better too!

Maddie - (looking at me with the cutest little grin) Is that one of those things that mommy's have to say?

Me - Lets just talk about marrying boys when you get older...A LOT older

Maddie - Sounds good to me...they are too silly now anyways


  1. this is one of the cutest convos ever. :) and that pic is one of my absolute faves! she's just the cutest.

  2. oh my! i laughed out loud reading this! Your kids are too cute and I love that you take those silly moments to teach them truths from God's word. They will remember all of that as they grow up. (i am shocked how much my kids retain from our conversations ) How much better off would we all be if we learned at a young age that marriage isn't about just happiness, but also about God using the other person to change us to be more like HIM :) I love it!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww- gosh is she cute! and oh so right! HA HA!

  4. What a cutie! And I have to say, I like her theory ;)!