Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random thoughts of the day

- I used to think squirrels were cute...but when I was at a stop light this morning I saw one...and I realized that they are just overgrown mice with big tails...Yuck!
- Even though I just got my hair completely platinum blonde I am already thinking about adding in some black streaks...I have hair-changing issues
- I cannot wait for my Grammy date with this amazing lady. I am DVRing it for us to watch it later in the week. We kind of LOVE commentating on all of the fashion and musical acts. I think we might have issues as well :-)
- I know that I am a little bias...but I am pretty sure I have the best babes in the world...seriously! They have been amazing while Dustin has been gone and they are pretty much amazing all of the time. To say I am thankful for them would be a HUGE understatement!! I am so blessed
- I am on a new roasted marshmallow kick. I use my creme brulee torch and roast marshmallows for the babes...they love it...and I say that I do it for them...but I love it too
- Hot chocolate made with almond milk is my new favorite dessert.
- I love high heel shoes...like REALLY love them...like I have a problem. But I always buy them on sale...like REALLY good sales. I am actually working on a shoe wall in my bedroom. Why shouldn't they be displayed as art? Please don't judge me
- If money was no object...I would completely redecorate my entire house from IKEA. Furniture, lighting, decorations, accessories...I love them all.
- I am SO done with winter
- I think I have some of the most amazing friends in the world...I am blessed
- I would love to be a world traveler. The thought of just picking up and heading off on an exotic adventure just sounds like the best thing ever to me
- I LOVE to bake and I would love to have a bakery/coffee shop someday
- I talk to my mom almost every morning...either on my way to work or after I drop off the babes at school. I love that
- Sometimes I secretly wish I was a rockstar...but I am married to one...so it is almost just as good...almost
- I went to high school and college with this amazing lady...although I am pretty sure we hardly ever talked. I found her blog a while ago and I think we would totally be friends if we lived closer. She is a great mom and I pretty much love her sassiness and views on life in general...isn't the blog world wonderful?!?
- I am so thankful for my job. I pretty much get to chose my hours and the people in my office are tons of fun!
- I only have two more nights until I get to hug my hottie-po-tottie husband. Can.Not.Wait
- I desperately want to go to Africa with Dustin soon...we are working on it
- I LOVE the show Criminal Minds but I cannot watch it by myself
- Reality TV sucks me in...all of it. I don't know why I find it so fascinating. That is probably another issue I have
- I think I may have a lot of issues
- I want to move south or west someday...I am even good with southwest
- I hope that my children will always be proud that I am their momma...and I hope we are always close. I pray for that every day.
- I think that throwing a good party is a lost art...I want to throw a fun party soon.
- I really want to go to Boston to see my sweet Kate


  1. pretty much agree with all of this. lets move south or west, decorate our houses from ikea, open a bakery, watch awards shows, reality tv and criminal minds together, eat roasted marshmallows/hot chocolate for dessert, and travel all the time. sounds good to me! :)

  2. Just waned to say hey! Love, love, love this list!

  3. ah! i made the list! tee hee!

    we probably didn't say much in college or high school since i had a great big case of painfully-shyness; but believe me--i bragged to high heavens that i went to high school with tae bo girl! =)

    of course you are so much more than that--but you were an inspiration to me then and are still to me now! i'm so glad we could connect in the bloggy world!

    God bless you!

  4. thats a pretty interesting list- the squirrel made me laugh!:)

  5. Kind of love this post, and the woman behind it! I'm OBSESSED with Criminal Minds but it has turned me into a total nut. I'm always paranoid ;) xo