Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little (or not so little) "Moment"

Map of Africa, from www.booksforafrica.org/images

This morning started off like any other morning. I got the kids ready for school, packed lunches, and got them off to our car pool. I sat down to read for a little while then did some dishes and cleaned the kitchen. (pretty exciting morning so far...huh?) Then...all of the sudden..."IT" happened. I was just sitting on the couch next to my sweet sleeping dog...and I saw Dustin's packed suitcases. And even though I have seen them packed and ready to go in our living room for 4 days now...somehow reality decided to check in at that moment...and I might have cried a little (or a lot...or I might still be tearing up just a little now). He is leaving to go on a missions trip to Swaziland Africa with our senior Pastor and he will be gone for two weeks. I began to think about all of the "what-ifs". Like...
What if something happens to the car?
What if one of the babes gets sick?
What if Dustin gets hurt while he is in Africa?
What if there is an unexpected bill?
What if something breaks in the house?
What if I need to talk to him and I can't?
What if? What if? What if?
Now...if you know me pretty well...you know that I don't get freaked out too easily. I am pretty much easy going and I can be very independent if I need to be. Dustin has even been gone for somewhat long periods of time before when he was recording music or playing shows on the road. I think the kicker for me was when I realized that I can't just call him whenever I want to (stupid international rates!!!) We will have skype for a few days...but there will be a few days at a time that he won't have any Internet access...and those will be the days that he will be camping out in the middle of Africa...in a tent...In Africa. That is kind of hard to get my mind around! But...even now as I sit here and type...I am reminded that God has called him to this missions trip...He has called US to this trip. I may not be going...but I am still his partner...and by default...if my man gets called..so do I. I am seriously SO excited to hear all of the amazing stories and see all of the breathtaking pictures. I KNOW that God will do amazing things in and through him and I KNOW that God will take care of all of us. I also know that God has blessed us with wonderful friends and family that are here if we need anything...and that definitely puts my mind at rest.
So...I might be having a little "moment" right now...but I know that everything will be alright. And...at least I am getting my "moment"out of the way now instead of looking like a crying fool at the airport on Thursday...because that might be embarrassing :-)


  1. come on, you know you'll still cry at the airport. :) blessed by your perspective on both of you being called to this, and thankful for Jesus...cause I know He'll still be taking care of you all the same way He always has been! loves you.

  2. Praying you will have a precious time with your babes and Jesus, while Dustin is away.

    Love you

  3. In africa...in a tent...in africa. Favorite.

    Oh, love. I echo what Amber said. Thanks for always being that "this is what a godly woman and wife looks like" for me.

  4. Praying for you (and "your man"). He'll be awesome, and you'll do GREAT. Maybe this is a good time for coffee?? Why is it we always have coffee and cry?