Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Change of plans

Day 2 - Tuesday
Tuesdays are my day off from work. The kiddos are in school and Dustin is at work...I get the house to myself. As much as I miss all of my babes when they are at work/school...I have come to really enjoy "my" Tuesdays. I usually get housework coffee with a friend...etc. I was looking forward to "my" Tuesday this week knowing that I would have time to pray and concentrate on the fast. I had plans to read, pray, prep "Daniel fast-friendly" meals, and write a few encouragement letters...but only 2 hours after I dropped the kiddos off from school...I was on my way back to pick them up because of a bad weather early dismissal. happy as I was to go get them...I saw "my" plans for the day being changed. We got home safely and they instantly started talking about how they wanted a pajama afternoon complete with hot chocolate, making crafts, and cuddling. They got into their warm and comfy pajamas as I made them hot chocolate. Then we started on some of their homework...flashcards, spelling words, and reading. Once we were done with all of that I thought I might actually get some time to be "spiritual" so I told them that I was going to go downstairs and read. As I was walking away my sweet little Maddie said, "But momma...I just want to be with you". I turned around to see her cute face and my heart melted a little. I realized that "my" plans for "my" Tuesday had changed...but they had changed for the better. I spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling with my babes. We talked...we prayed...we sat together...and we ran around the house playing games. I prayed for my sweet babes all afternoon while we spent time was perfect.
So...on day 2...I was able to pray for my sweet babes. I learned (again) that sometimes plans get changed...and sometimes that is the best thing that could ever happen.

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