Friday, January 14, 2011

I can't get no...satisfaction

So...I hope that you read the title of this post in a sing-songy voice...I's kind of the only way to read it! This song (or at least that line) has been ringing in my ears the past two days. Let me explain...
I have really been challenged with the virtue of everything. I had a few moments to really reflect on my life...and let me tell you...I am blessed. I love my sweet babes, my hottie-po-tottie husband, my amazing church, my wonderful friends, my sovereign Savior, my cute little home, my fun job, and so much more. However...I find myself acting content...but not realizing the virtue in being content. Earlier today I was talking about life with a friend. Both of us are happy with our lives...but much of our conversation had phrases like, "When we can afford...", "Some day we will...", "I wish we had...", or "I would love to get...". As I was on my way home I began to rethink about the conversation I had just had...and this is what God brought to my attention....
I adore my husband and he has TONS of amazing qualities. But sometimes...instead of appreciating him for those amazing qualities...I focus on some of the qualities that he is not so great at (which are very few :)!!). I think that my babes are the best babes in the world...but sometimes when they are having a silly/hyper moment I feel the need to quickly remind them that they are not to act like that. I love my cute little house...but sometimes I can only focus on the fact that I would love more storage space, some paint for our bathroom, and new carpet in the babes bedrooms. You see...instead of being thankful for what I have...I started to only see what I wanted. Instead of appreciating all of the amazing qualities that my husband has...I began to just expect them. Then...the very few not so amazing qualities seemed to become more of a focus to me. Instead of being so thankful for how well-behaved my babes normally are...I started to "get onto them" a little more than I needed to when they had "a moment". Instead of loving my house...I began to take for granted all that I truly had.
I realized that instead of having a thankful and appreciative heart...I somehow had a heart that was not disciplined to be content. I may have never acted like or said that I was not content...but my heart and my thoughts sang a different tune (much like the title of this post)
So today I learned (and will continue to learn) how to appreciate what I have. I will still always be a is who I am. But I will dream with a heart full of contentment for where I am now. I no longer want to take for granted the gifts I have now...they are my blessings...and I am truly a blessed woman.


  1. totally on the same page and wrote the exact same post/title a few days ago. haha great minds! =) AND so glad that i'm not the only one!

  2. I love you. And I AM BLESSED to know you. :) Oh, btw, definitely sang the title of the post...I mean, obvi.

  3. I definitely sang the title ;) and ps you rock! I loved reading this! You said what I often think and feel myself and quite eloquently too I might add ;) I too am truly a blessed woman and want to thank you for that sweet, thoughtful reminder! ( and ps jr Having you in my life again after all these years is a part of that blessing ;)