Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Busy

The last couple of weeks have been crazy in our household. Dustin and Ty had the flu (not H1N1...even though you would think that it was by the amount of county, city, and state public healthcare officials that called me to ask about them!! But that is another story...), I got them better...only to become sick myself, and Dustin started his new job. All in all...the last couple of weeks have been busy busy! Which leads me to my excitement over the fact that we leave in just 5 short days for our cruise!!! We are taking our first real family vacation ever and I couldn't be more happy! Now...I just have to get through the next few days of school, work, meetings, a garage sale (a little extra $ for the cruise culdn't hurt!), massive amounts of laundry, and getting the house all in order. I guess the next 5 days are going to be busy busy!!

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