Monday, January 11, 2010

21 days...

Our church (CLC) is doing a 21 day Daniel fast that starts today and goes to Feb. 1st. (It is basically a fast of fruits, vegetables, and water) So...for the next 21 days I am going to try to write a little tidbit about what I am/have been praying for that day and what God has been teaching me. I am actually excited to see what God is going to do through this and I am so thankful to have a wonderful church family to go through this process with!! prayer for today is for my hottie potattie husband (yes..I just said 'hottie potattie')

Even though he would not agree...he has a little bit of a love for Dt. Mountain Dew.

And when I say "a little bit of love"...I really mean that he is totally addicted!! :-) I am sure that the next few days will be hard and have a few caffeine head aches involved as he adjusts to only drinking water.

If you know my know that he is the most amazing worship leader ever!! He writes the most beautiful worship songs and he has a heart for worship like no one I have ever met. He also has a huge heart for people. There have been many times that I have listened to him give advice to a friend that is hurting, or watch him comfort a family when they are going through a difficult time and I have learned so much about what truly ministering to someone looks like. I can honestly say that in almost 9 years of marriage...I love him more now than I ever thought was possible...and I know that somehow I will love him even more tomorrow. He is an amazing husband and he is also my best friend. I love that we laugh together...about the most ridiculous and stupid things. I also love knowing that he will always support me and he wants all of my dreams to come true. And...don't even get me started on how wonderful of a Dad he is!! He is the ultimate "Fun Dad". If there is snow to play in...he is playing in it with the babes, if there is a pool to splash in...he is throwing the babes in it, and if there is ice cream to be eaten...he has made sure to already buy ALL the toppings we could possibly need to have the ultimate ice cream sundae night! He is also Ty's wrestling and Wii game partner...and he is Maddie's tea party guest and dance partner. The babes just adore him...and so do I. He truly is the man of my dreams.

I say all of that...because today...I am going to pray for my husband. I hope that these next 21 days are just an amazing time for him. My prayer is that he can hear God even more clearly than he already does and that he can see even more of the plan that God has for his life. I am going to pray that his dreams and desires will become reality for him.

And (selfishly) I am also going to pray...that he is not in a bad mood for the next few days due to lack of Dt Mountain Dew. :-)

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  1. AWESOME!!! FUnny thing is I CAN TOTALLY RELATE- if I were to fast from diet coke starting today....ummmm, yeah- the first 3 days would be detox!:)