Monday, January 25, 2010


This is Madison. Aka - Maddie, Maddie May, Maddie-boom-baddie, Sunshine, Princess, Punkin' head, and My babe.
Let me tell you a little about Miss Maddie -
- She is a lot sweet and little sassy...and I love that
- She knows what she likes and doesn't like
- She has a huge heart
- She loves to give hugs
- She wants to be a worship Pastor...not a worship leader...a Pastor...and she says that one day she will take Daddy's job (I hope she plans on taking care of us financially then :-)!!)
- She never gives up
- She loves stuffed animals...we have stock in Build-A-Bear (not really...but we should)
- She sings all the time...loudly...and it is beautiful
- She looks a lot like her momma...or at least we hear that all of the time
- She has to have me sing, "You are my Sunshine" to her every night
- She is my sunshine
- She gave us a scare in the delivery room...but ever since then she has always been healthy (and I am SO thankful for that)
- She needs a reminder every now and then to not have an attitude :)
- She loves school and all of her classmates
- She adores the people she loves...and if she doesn't like you...she will have nothing to do with you
- She loves to help
- She likes to do things her own way...and she does them well
- She is very creative
- She loves to sit with her Daddy as he plays piano and writes songs...she has always loved his music
- She loves to sing and dance with her momma (her momma loves that too!)
- She loves her big brother and she loves to get things for him
- She loves to wear fun tights...and her momma loves to see her in them
Maddie is my baby girl. She helped me realize that I had room in my heart for another sweet babe. Some of my favorite memories in my life are the times that I spent feeding her and talking to her in the middle of the night. Her hugs and kisses still make a bad day better and just having her in my life makes my heart complete.
Today (and always) I pray for my Maddie May. I pray that she always keeps her strong will and that she knows how to use it. I pray that she continues to love on people and bring joy to others. I pray that I can be and will be the mom that she needs...and that she knows that I love her...and think she is the most amazing little girl in the world. I pray that her heart and mind will be protected and pure. And I pray that she will always know who she is and never be ashamed for it.


  1. awwwwwwwww, she sure did seem like she had a big heart- she was so kind and sweet to sammy! ( and it seems like most girls her age aren't!)


  2. Awww...thank Sher! We miss you all too!! I need to get your phone number so we can at least have some "phone dates" until we plan our girls get-away!! :)