Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day (Also known as "Burke family fun day")

*Warning...there may be a lot of pictures in this post*
Yesterday school was cancelled for the babes + Dustin was off of work and his bands show was cancelled that evening due to the weather + I was off work as well = a family fun day!!! We started off the day right...with marshmallow filled, homemade hot chocolate and cookies. Then we all decided to bundle up and go out in the snow... The boys were rolling around and Harley LOVED her first time in the snow...

You might notice that this adorable, sweet, and guilty puppy face is not in the snow...she decided to run and not come when Daddy called her. She also decided to make him chase her almost three blocks in the snow. Daddy was not all!! I think she might be going through a "dog mid-life crisis" But her face is just so cute and squeezable that I couldn't even get mad at her (of course...I also did not have to run after to her and bring her stubborn 80 lb body back home)

Now...back to the snow playing...

This sweet babe just loved playing out in the snow. She just kept laughing and throwing snow on everyone...including herself.

The boys wrestled and Harley kept trying to "save" Ty by jumping on top of was a funny site. Then Dustin suggested that we go sledding...the babes LOVED that idea. So...I put my camera safely in the house and headed out to walk to our neighborhood sledding hill. We were surprised that no one was there yet but we were happy to have the hill all to ourselves. After a few runs...sweet Maddie decided that she was just too cold and needed to go home. Maddie and I started on the walk home while the boys followed (well...they followed at a distance because they kept taking breaks to throw each other in the snow!!) After we got home and warm Dustin told everyone to get ready because he was taking us out for lunch and a "surprise" afterwards. The kids were very excited so they got ready in record time. We ate lunch and then got back into the car and headed to the pet store. heard me right...I said pet store. Let me give you a little background...

Tyler had received two hermit crabs from Nana and Papa for his birthday last summer. He LOVED those hermit crabs!! *Fast forward* to before we left for NY 2 weeks ago...eating with Daddy...Ty says, "Hey daddy? Can you make sure to give my hermit crabs a full dish of water and food so they will be set for while we are gone?" "Sure buddy" said a very busy Daddy who was trying to get everything ready for not only his family to go out of town...but himself and the band as well. *Fast forward* to the tragic loss of the hermit crabs. (and I never told Ty that they had not been fed and watered...per Daddy's request and promise to buy him 3 new ones!!)

So...we were at the pet store...and Ty's face just lit up. We walk in to pick out his crabs and somehow it was decided (between Daddy and the babes) that Maddie NEEDS a fish in her room. I agree (it is better than a puppy!!) *Fast forward* even a little more and Maddie's fish turns into a fish and a dwarf water frog to go with the fish. So now we are checking out with 1 fish, 1 dwarf water frog, 1 bag of pink pebbles, 1 round plastic fish/frog bowl, 3 new hermit crabs, and 1 fresh bag of sand.

So I figured you should all meet the newest members of the Burke household...
Meet Shelly...she is the most outgoing of the 3. She loves her new little cage and even climbs up her climbing wall (something Ty's previous hermit crabs wouldn't do and he is very excited that Shelly does!!)
This is Hermie. He is a little shy...but we have gotten him to come out a few times...and he even crawled on my arm. He and Shelly have played together a little...and he likes climbing over things in his cage.

This is crabcake. He is very shy. We have actually only seen him come out of his shell once. He is super tiny and Maddie already refers to him as the "baby".

This is Ariel. Maddie's Beta fish. Her body is red and she has puprple and blue fins. I always thought that Beta fish were mean...but...come to find out...they are only mean with eachother. Which is why it is fine to have Ariel in the round fish bowl with this little one...

This little dwarf frog is Dory and he swims all the time...which is why he got his name. Maddie already sings, "Just keep swimming...swimmimg...swimming..." to is very cute.

So after all of our new additions we had a family movie night complete with juice boxes and timbits...YUM!! It was an absolutely perfect day.

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  1. How FUN! I love snow days and pets! I was toying around with getting a fish for the boys.......sometime:) Not sure where I'd put it.....VERY COOL!