Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Powers

So...I need a super power...and not just any super power. I need the one like the guy on Heroes has (the guy whose name I cannot pronounce or spell). He makes a really weird face...closes his eyes...concentrates really hard...and makes himself instantly travel to anywhere he wants to be. Because I would travel to see my brother at least once a week to have lunch with him at Cabo Fish Taco (the most amazing little restaurant that we both love!!) I loved getting to see him so much over the holidays...but now i miss him. I am going to go and work on my Super Powers now.


  1. Hiro Nakimora... that's who he is...

  2. Jessica,
    1. I know exactly who you are, Laura talks about you guys all the time!
    2. Being an avid blog stalker myself, I love when I find out people blog stalk me!
    3. Your family looks infinitely cooler than mine. Seeing as I don't know how to be as cool as you guys, I plan on coming back to your blog for cool tips.
    4. You kiddos are scrumptious!
    5. Finally, I reiterate our dear Laura in saying the Heros character you are referring to is Hiro Nakimora, and yes, we love him too around these parts!
    So good to here from you!