Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is Tyler. AKA - Ty, Tyman, Boo, Boo-bear, Griffin, my little man, and my babe. Let me tell you a about my little man...
-He is the sweetest boy I have ever met
-He is very forgiving
-He is so smart that it is almost scary. He memorizes things very quickly and knows more about outer space than I will probably ever know
-He wants to be a rocket scientist
-He adores his daddy and he also wants to be a rockstar. (He has already started planning his own band)
-He is a little clumsy and tends to get distracted easily
-He is such a good big brother...even when his little sister is being annoying
-He made me a mommy for the first time...something I was SO fearful of...and something he made SO easy
-He is very compassionate and would give anything he had to someone who needed it
-He loves video games
-He loves to pray
-He loves his momma even when she gets frustrated easily and has bad days (he actually seems to love me the most on those days)
-He loves all animals and would have even more of them if he could
-He always sees the best in people
-He loves to help
-He secretly wants to be a ninja
-He thinks it is very cool that his momma knows karate
-He loves to re-tell a story...and he gives EVERY detail
-He loves to laugh and his laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world
-He loves to wrestle with his dad
-He still lets me give him a hug and kiss in public
-He is a dreamer...just like his mom and dad
-He is my little man...he has changed the way I look at life and myself...and I love him more than I ever though was humanly possible

Today I pray for Ty. I will pray that God protects him and keeps him healthy. I will pray that all of his dreams will come true and that he lives life to the fullest. I will pray that I can be the mom that he needs and that he will always know how much I love him, support him, and believe in him. Today (and always) I will pray that God keeps his little heart pure and that he will always have a relationship with the Lord...not because he has to...but because he wants to. I pray that he keeps his sweet and compassionate heart and that he uses it to reach out to and love on others. I pray that God uses my little man to change the world.

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