Monday, January 4, 2010

NY trip (Reader's Digest version) and the babes went to NY last week. It was actually not a planned trip...(my dad had two strokes in a little over 2 weeks and I really wanted to go to check on him and make sure that everything was ok) but we had a great time! The babes and I stayed with my mom and she totally spoiled us!! She let me sleep in and had coffee ready for me when I got up (It was hard to leave that :)!!!) and the kiddos got cookies and orange juice for breakfast (and they didn't want to leave that :)!!!) We went to Carousel center...Heids...Aunt Linda's...Dad's...the Buzzell's house (to see them and Sheri)...and SO much more!! The babes were amazing with all of the driving and I loved getting to be on a mini-vacation with them. Now we are trying to get back into our little routine (NO fun!!) and they are off to school and I am off to work and cleaning. Even though we miss everyone in NY we are glad to be back home safe and sound.
Here are a few pics from the visit...


  1. look at you bloggin away! i just can't get in the groove lately! so much to write about yet i don't know where to start. looks like such a fun trip with the fam.
    oh, sushi. soon.

  2. I think I blogged less than 10 times last you are still definitely a better blogger than me!! :) Hopefully I will be better this year...I am going to try to keep posts short and sweet to make it easy. Sushi is a MUST...and SOON!! I miss you!!!