Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Careful...He's a talker

My little Ty man tends to be a talker. When he knows a lot about a topic...he loves to tell ALL about it...and I mean EVERY detail!! And when he asks a question about something...he will ask it in 5 different ways to make sure he is getting all the info he needs. All this being said....
We were driving in the car tonight on our way to church. We had just gotten off our exit and we were waiting at the light. Ty asked me, "Mom...why is that street named 'W-Yes'? To which I replied it is actually pronounced 'Wise' even thought it is spelled W-Y-S-E." Ty replied, "O...that is a weird name. " Thinking the conversation was over...I did not respond...but he kept going..."Who would name it that?" "I am not sure buddy." I responded. "Well who decides the names for the streets...and why would they spell it funny?" I don't know buddy...that is just the name" I said "But why? I mean why is it called Wyse? Who wanted it to be called that? Maybe they weren't a good speller? How do you get the job of naming streets?" At this point...I was SO done with hearing about street I replied in a very firm/kind of frustrated tone, "Buddy...I DON'T KNOW! I don't know why they named the street that...or who named is just the name of the street...that is just the way it is...OK? He paused for a moment and said, "Oh...well you know what mom?" "What buddy?" (I tried to respond like I was not totally done with the conversation). "If there was a street named Jessica...that would be my favorite street because that is your name...and you are my very favorite person!" My heart just melted...I love my little man!!


  1. gosh... makes my heart melt just reading it... like 'mom even though you got frustrated with me, you are still my very favorite.' awww

  2. that was just about the sweetest thing i have ever read :)